The Facility Managers role in any built environment is complex and challenging. There is a need and requirement to collect a range of complex data and have accurate up to date information available to allow for the cost effective and efficient management of any building.

The key features of the system include:

  • Building details
  • Data and information storage
  • Comprehensive asset list
  • Contractor information and management
  • Contracts management
  • Reminder and date notifications
  • Building compliance
  • Maintenance logging and reporting
  • Simple to interpret and use
  • Allows for remote bookings of multiple rooms
  •  A booking may be for other services ie scooters
  •  Variety of time schedule and advance booking options
  •  Allocates maximum credit hours per user for given period of time
  •  Option to charge a cost for exceeding credit or for an ‘outsider’
  •  Users log in via an approved email address and password allocated to each suite or business
  •  Can be adapted to suit the requirements or preferences of any building owner or Facility Manager
  •  Provides reports on use by room and user
  •  Ability to send SMS reminders
  •  Bookings can be cancelled by the administrator for misuse


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